Another Way Academy

The current enrolment is closed, if you like to sign up, email ->

Another Way Academy is an online programming course designed to introduce simple software making to school-dropouts, ex-convicts and ex-juvenile delinquencies.

This course is created to help these group of people to stand up on their feet, to contribute back to their society, to have a second chance. There’s always another way out.

If you feel the same way, maybe we can work together to our society friendlier to those who needs a second chance.


Every Friday: 8:00pm - 9:30pm.



The prerequisite are:

Note: there is no qualification requirement. But there is an attitude requirement for this course.

The instructor for this course, is Bryan Lim. Click here to see his profile.

For individual self starter, the cost is a subsidied price of $50 dollar per month.

For enterprise or governmental organisation, please email us for a price list.

To apply, send us an email 👉 with a subject applying for Another Way Academy

Applicants will also require a referral from a current student or ex-student of this course.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions. Click here for Getting started with the laptop or PC. Click here for Installing the software required.