You can hire me for iOS(Objective-c/Swift), Rails/Ruby consulting, Project Management and Training.

My hourly rate is USD130 and I charge in SGD too. Ask me.

A small iOS project takes around 120 – 150 hours to complete. I work minimally 15 – 20 hours per week on each project.

Consulting can include training and advising your technical team. I can implement your ruby backend, advise on mobile strategy and overall technical direction.

Let me spend a day with your team to sharpen their skill.

If you like to hire me for a day, my daily rate is USD 1040. For half a day, it’s USD 520.

Frequently Asked Question

**0. How to reach me quickly?

The quickest way to reach me is to mention me on twitter. You can also email me at bryan at tada dot asia.

Skype: ytbryan

1. About Online and Offline meetings

I prefer to hold online meeting from 8- 10 am or 9-11pm (Singapore Time/GMT+8)

If you require the meeting to be at a different timing, please ask me.

For phone call or skype call, each consultation lasts about 30 minutes and costs $50. You can ask me any technical or project management questions. To book a consultation:

  1. Transfer the money via bank transfer (DBS Current 107-900-9808) or transfer via Paypal

  2. Email me at bryan[at] to book an appointment.

If you require a physical meeting, please provide a transport fee of $400 dollar within Singapore. For outside Singapore, please ask me. This fee will be included into total project cost once the project is confirmed.

My Skype ID is ytbryan.

2. Do I work on-site? Do I work remotely?

Yes. yes.

3. Can I see your work?

4. How do I pay you? 

Please transfer the upfront payment to (DBS Current 107-900-9808)

If you wish to pay by cheque, please cross it and make it payable to “TADA PTE. LTD.”

5. Project in stages? 

Yes. I do software in stages. You can view the progress between each stage.

6. What is your retainer agreement?

For retainer agreement and maintenance work, it will be charged at  USD100 USD 130 per hour.

7. Do you work at overseas location?

If you want me to work onsite at overseas locations, email me at bryan [at] tada dot asia to check my schedule. Ask me.

 8. Which language do you work on? 

My preferred languages are Ruby, Objective-c, Swift. I know other languages including Java, python, C, C++. But I do not code projects in them.

9. Do you design? 

No. My main focus is programming, giving technical advice and building the overall software architecture.

NOTE: If you need design services together with my programming service, I usually outsource the design work to a professional designer. You would need to budget for design.

10. Do you do SEO? Do  you do other things? 

I know the basic of SEO too. Generally, If you are looking for me to do things other than programming or technology service, you are looking for the wrong person.

11. I have a software project to recommend. 

We give up 2 – 10% referral fee for software projects upon completion.  The fee depends on the size of the project and the almost of work done by the referral. If you have experience judging and evaluating software project, send me an email. The referral is expected to evaluate the project, understand the project requirement and clients need. It is not a something-for-nothing referral.

12. I am an agency. I would like you to work on a project. 

Please contact me at bryan @ tada dot asia.