Bryan Lim

Hi, I am Bryan Lim. I am currently running a singapore-based and small software firm called The Amazing Digital Asia (

I do ruby, rails, iOS and basically make custom and enterprise software for small and medium companies.

Currently, I’m consulting Changi Airport Group on Business Analytics project. I consulted ASTAR i2R on social media mining. I conducted a making software with ruby and rails class at Georgetown with The Coding Shophouse. Ex-ASTAR, Ex-Smartbear, SOC-alumni, NOC-alumni.

I have worked in Sweden, Malaysia, Singapore.

Areas where I can help out: ruby, rails, iOS/Objective-c/swift, javascript/coffeescript

Open Source: aka - chart-

For full list of open source projects, check out my [github][1] and [rubygem][2]

Proposal: Pick any of my open source project and extend it. How to get started? Send me a pull request.

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