Startups & Advices

Hi there, you have reached this page because someone passed you this link to get advice on your startups or traditional business.

If you don’t already know my profile, please see here

I give advices for new businesses especially software business. These are the areas I’m interested:

  • How much to charge
  • Technical direction and project management
  • How to survive the first 4 years of your new business
  • Ruby, Rails, iOS and other softwares that you need for productivity
  • How to hire in asia
  • How to do onboarding on your webapp
  • Introverts - how to survive talking to extroverts
  • How to and where to get a lot of data to start off
  • How to succeed before you even start your new business

How can I value-add to your strategy and new business?

  • I can connect you to the right business person
  • I can recommend a developer
  • I can train your developers

Expectation and how much should I charge?

  • If you receive this link and is a new business, there is no charges to engage me except that I hope to receive 0.5% as equity and be on your advisory board.

This is not a request but this is an expectation. It is a fixed rate and over the years I stop taking more than 0.5 person.

What is an Advisory Board?

  • A advisory board can be a group of trusted folks who debate on tough issues like fund raising, product direction.

It should never override the decision makers in the new business.