This event is about  iOS and Yosemite working together, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, iMac, Mac mini.


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  1. You can download continuity function (i think) on apple store free today.

Latest iWork is available on app store free today.

  1. iPad Air 2. #1 iPad Air 2 – thinner than thin. 6.1mm thin (that’s thinner than iPhone 6)

– 18% thinner than previous iPad.

– Stack two iPad Air 2 and it’s still thinner than the first generation iPad.

– Comes with lowest reflectivity 56% better than previous.

– Uses A8X chip with motion sensor. 10 hours batt. TouchID. Better camera.

Selling at USD$499 or S$688  

  1. iPad Mini 3.

Selling at USD$399 or  S$548

  1.  iMac with retina display. 5120 x 2880, 14.7 million pixel. It is 7x more pixels on HD TV. Uses 30% less energy than previous iMac. 5mm thin Monitor. Fusiondrive. Thunderbolt 2.

Selling at USD$2,499 or S$3,388.00

  1.  Mac Mini.
    Selling at USD$499 or  S$688.00




iPad Air 2, iMac with retina, Mac Mini

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