This is Bryan Lim’s general service agreement.


  • All open source codes have the copyright of Bryan Lim.
  • All patent or new invention will have equal ownership between Bryan Lim and the client company. Bryan Lim will be the lead inventor.
  • All codes that are propritery belongs to the client with the copyright of Bryan Lim.
  • Copyright can be transferred at a nominal fee.
  • All data, source code, work, information and content done by Bryan Lim will be kept confidential at all time.

Freedom to work

  • Bryan Lim is free to write about any technique/knowledge discovered during the course of work upon discussion with client.
  • Client understands that changes to specification for too many times can result in termination of contract. Bryan Lim is free to leave the contract without completion of project since contraction has been terminated.
  • Too many times can be determined. If it is not determined, it will be within the range of reasonable. An example of unreasonable is to work overtime due to changes for a consequentive four days.
  • Just be nice.

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