Dear client & business owner,

I wrote this piece because I tend to repeat myself when engaging non-technical client.

I made the decision to stop consulting and move on to making my own products.

You are reading this because I wanted to show you some hard truth about making software and maintaining technology.

  1. Making software and running a technology company is WAY harder than you think.

  2. Integrating and maintaining are harder than starting something from scratch.

  3. You will see me saying no to you many times. Because it’s for your own good.

  4. I know more than making software. I run a profitable business afterall.

  5. Scalability + Distribubilty + Cost of maintaining it


Technology is probably the foundation of your business. Technology also is a catalyst to your operation, your profit, your answer to your customers (investors) or your deliverable for the next deadline.

Because of this, you need to bear in mind to listen to me.

The consequence of not listening, is that i am right (so far, 100% correct)